Financial Independence is a specialized wealth management program offered by Craft Asset Management. We provide uniquely tailored financial planning strategies and investment management services for high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families who seek an early retirement.

  • “Financial Independence” is brought to you by the professionals at Craft Asset Management. Our program is designed to provide a truly tailored financial planning experience and the dedicated investment management services to the high net worth individuals and families who seek financial freedom and have the necessary means to achieve an early retirement.
  • Planning for financial independence and pursuing your lifelong passions through an early retirement requires extensive planning, discipline and the expertise of a financial professional knowledgeable in maintaining a source of perpetual income throughout a lifetime. We have been fortunate to assist many of our clients in planning and succeeding in their early retirement strategies. We have identified and understand the unique areas to consider when planning for a non-traditional early retirement and in part, created the “Key Areas of Financial Independence” as an offering within our package. Because of this, the “Financial Independence” program was born.

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Craft asset management does not provide accounting or legal services; however, we can work closely with your accountant, attorneys or other professionals. Please contact us for a complete description of our Financial planning and asset management services.

Craft Asset Management is a Registered Investment Adviser that provides financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, and works closely with attorneys and other professionals for estate planning purposes. We tailor our services to fit the need of each and every client. As investment advisers we are fiduciaries, and as such are held to the highest standard of conduct and act in the best interest of our clients.

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